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Job Summary

The Healthcare IT Consultant will take care to implement Laboratory Management Software configuring specific laboratory sections from the client and the workflows adapatation with Hospital Information System and Medical Devices interoperability.

The position of Healthcare IT Consultant reports to Healthcare IT Project Manager and has diferent roles depends on the project: Project Leader, Systems Consultant or Applications Consultant.

Key Accountabilities:

·           Knowledge of workflows in clinical analysis laboratories

·           Ensure implementation are in compliance with company policies and best practices in assigned role: Project Leader, Systems Consultant or Applications Consultant.

·           Ensure customer satisfaction on services where the role assigned is Project Leader or Backup Consultant.

·           Train users in product platforms

·           Review and support IT Operation reviews.

·           Review IT Operations KPIs

·           Ensure that updated, relevant and sufficient technical documentation of customer implementation is available to the IT Product  Support and Help-Line Staff.

·           Support  Help-Line Staff, IT Product Support and escalated customer calls in incidences and doubts of the product platforms

·           Keep trained in product platforms and technology

·           Other duties as assigned by the IT Healthcare Project Manager or the IT Operations Manager

·           Ensure adoption of Quality and Regulatory policies.

·           Adopts the Corporate Ethic Code


Internal Networking/Key relationships

  • Good communication with Healthcare IT Project Manager, IT Product Support and Help-Line Staff.

  • Good communication with Multi-online and Integration Manufacturer Staff

  • Fluent relationship with the Area Managers, the Key Account Managers and specialists in Werfen Iberia.


Skills & Capabilities:

  • Good communication skills

  • Time management skills

  • High degree of autonomy and proactivity

  • Understands information systems & business flows

  • It’s able to combine flexible and open minded attitude, with the ability to influence and impact in the organization.

  • Oriented both to results and to build meaningful relationships

  • It’s oriented to customer needs

  • Strong Analytical Skills


Min Knowledge & Experience required for the position:

  • Former studies: Bachelor related to In Vitro Diagnostics knowledge. E.g.  Medicine, biochemistry, pharmacy, …

  • Minimum 4 years experience to In Vitro Diagnostics Laboratory

  • Knowledge regarding clinic laboratory organization

  • Language fluency:

    1. Spanish complete proficiency

    2. English reading and listening proficiency


Travel requirements:

80% of time