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Telefonica Research is a leading industrial research lab based in Barcelona (Spain). The aim of the lab is to carry research studies on mid to long-term related to several technological areas of interest to the Telefónica Group. The Research group follows an open research model in collaboration with universities and other research institutions, promoting the dissemination of their work both through publications and technology transfer. The board is constituted of a multi-disciplinary team with a variety of skills that includes systems, networks, HCI, Machine Learning and Privacy/Security. We are seeking candidates at all level of seniority for staff researcher positions to strengthen and complement our efforts in the areas we currently work on, and particularly in machine learning and deep learning area.



The researcher will have the opportunity to propose and develop research ideas individually, as well as jointly with members of the research team and Telefonica at large. The researcher will also strengthen their research profile via the creation and leading of high-value synergies with academic institutions, industrial partners, customers, and government agencies. Furthermore, the researcher will support the dissemination of research results by means of publications and talks in major venues worldwide, generation of intellectual property, and partnership with business units to ensure the successful exploitation of research outputs. 



  • Propose and develop research idea advancing the state of the art in the field.
  • Create and lead of long-lasting and high-value synergies with academic institutions, industrial partners, customers, and government agencies.
  • Promote the dissemination of research results via publications and demonstrations in major venues worldwide.
  • Generate intellectual property.
  • Partner with business (and other Telefonica) units to ensure the successful exploitation of research outputs.
  • Supervise intern students, collaborate openly with other researchers as well other Telefonica members.
  • Pursue funding opportunities for personnel and/or equipment and/or research visits, via proposal writing and submission for National and/or European and/or International competitive grants.



  • Ph.D. in Networking, Security/Privacy, Computer Science or any related fields (Or PhD expected in next few months).
  • Very good record of research output (e.g., publications in top conferences and journals)
  • Strong verbal, visual, and written communication skills.
  • Ability to work in a highly collaborative and interdisciplinacy environment.
  • Strong knowledge and experience for research in the area of cloud computing (e.g., containers, serverless computing, confidential computing, eBPF, WebAssembly, etc.)
  • Strong background and experience in building systems and conducting experimental work (e.g., methodologies, software, testbeds, etc.) in one of the areas listed above. 
  • We are seeking candidates at all level of seniority.
  • Initial submission deadline is August 15th, 2023, but after that we'll continue reviewing applications if no suitable candidates have been found.





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Cuando te unes a Telefónica

Te unes a casi 100 años de historia, un equipo de 106 nacionalidades presentes en más de 35 países. Te unes a un equipo que trabaja por conectar a las personas allá dónde estén, sin fronteras. Un equipo que está liderando la revolución digital con la ilusión del primer día en todos nuestros negocios, creando el mejor ecosistema digital para nuestros clientes: Red, IoT, Cloud, Ciberseguridad, Innovación etc. En Telefónica tienes todo lo que necesitas para crear la mejor versión de ti mismo. Necesitamos gente como tú que se sume a este gran reto, que quiera crear la Telefónica del mañana.

En Telefónica apostamos por las nuevas formas de trabajo y somos líderes en la implementación de la Desconexión Digital bajo el principio “Desconecta para Reconectar”.


Estamos convencidos de que los equipos diversos e inclusivos son más innovadores, transformadores y consiguen mejores resultados. Por ello promovemos y garantizamos la inclusión de todas las personas sin importar género, edad, orientación e identidad sexual, cultura, discapacidad o cualquier otra condición personal.